Every Gotham Doll knows the best lashes in town are found at Fracassi. Last year they were featured in the fashion week beauty hub. Fracassi’s aestheticians work hard to perfect and customize each procedure. The application process is painless and completely comfortable. Most experience discomfort with faux lash applications, but they know exactly how to apply them to make them look and feel like your own. They also have their own makeup line and a portfolio to boot. You can see amazing before and afters of this procedure.


They have 3 locations, one located in Buffalo, Rochester and Harlem. Their lash line is the talk of Tinseltown ever since they were invited to gift their lashes for the 2014 Oscar Gifting. All the whispers in town talk about Beyonce’s dance crew, Grammy Winner Roberta Flack, The Williams Sisters and Renee from Mob Wives (just to name a few) dropping by to get their lashes done at Fracassi.


“Fracassi Lashes is looking to franchise the experience. We are currently in talks with investors to be the next Dry Bar of lashes,” Said Falicia the CEO and Founder of Fracassi. Very soon, you can enjoy the experience near you.


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