Must Have Fabulous & Luxurious Fursan Handbags

New York’s favorite OG Housewife, Sonja Morgan was spotted sporting the highly coveted Fursan bag at the Doubletree By Hilton Times Square West for the Fursan Luxury Fashion Preview.


Picture Courtesy of Teddy Adolf Photography  


TMZ filming Sonja Morgan – Picture Courtesy of Teddy Adolf Photography  

All the talk in the luxury fashion world is revolved around Fursan’s luxurious bags! The event attracted muses of the fashion world and New York’s débonnaire cliques to preview the masterfully crafted handbags.


From the Western shores of the Arabian Gulf emerged Qatar’s finest most coveted handbag line, Fursan. Brimming with its antiquity of a culture rich in artisanal skill and an eye for innovation, the label is sharing its luxury designs with the world.

It’s Dazzah Collection is breathing new life into the regions tradition of the celebratory gifts a new bride brings to her husband’s family in the form of an intricately embellished trunk. “We at Fursan believe that our work encapsulates this tradition while showing women the world our appreciation through offering Dazzah. Its goal is to allow every woman to feel as exceptional as a bride stepping into a new world of splendor and fortune.”


The quintessentially unique handbags from Fursan are the most glamorous pieces to hit the market. Whether you’re planning a night out on the town or a special dinner for two, Fursan handbags are fit for any occasion. They are a work of art from their Arabian creativity to their Italian craftsmanship.  

Fursan’s collection is a distinctive blend of elegance with an avant-garde look suitable for making a statement with any style. Each handbag features hand picked luxurious materials and posh colors and patterns.  

Fursan handbags can only be bought online or at their flagship store in Qatar. The bags This rare gem is being asked for in all boutiques.  Get your hands on one here! The bags will be available September in the US for the first time ever! The bags are designed by the founder of Fursan Luxury, Ibrahim Al-Haidos. Add this beautiful statement piece to your wish lists!   

A Jaw Dropping Performance by The Amazing Kreskin for A Charity Benefit


This Show Is A Fundraiser For The North Caldwell Fireman’s Community Center, The Musicians Performance Trust Fund and the Caldwell Food Bank

 North Caldwell, NJ February 12, 2017 – The Amazing Kreskin will  return to his hometown at North Caldwell Fireman’s Community Center to support a local Food Bank. Social on the Scene will be attending Kreskin’s jaw dropping performance. The legend’s mesmerizing show will leave you baffled and enchanted. The Amazing Kreskin is the world renowned mentalist who has exhibited his showman’s flair, his comedic wit and his mind-reading skills on stages across the world.

Over the past six decades, Kreskin has had twenty published books, a television series and his very own board game. The Amazing Kreskin has become a legendary part of pop culture and has even inspired a major motion picture by Actor/Producer Tom Hanks ‘The Great Buck Howard.” It is announced at the end of the movie that the inspiration for the main character is The Amazing Kreskin. That character is played by the star of the movie, John Malkovich.

In the 2010 movie, ‘Dinner for Schmucks’, the character played by Zach Galifianakis has as his hero and influence The Amazing Kreskin, which further exemplifies the wide scope of Kreskin’s exposure and attention. It is showcased with his recurring appearances on Johnny Carson, Regis Philbin, David Letterman and most recently Jimmy Fallon, Neil Cavuto and Howard Stern.


Recently, The Amazing Kreskin predicted the 2016 presidential election results and now he is looking to predict what the world has in store for us in 2017. The Amazing Kreskin has shared his New Year’s insights before. Kreskin’s legendary predictions have included insights about Donald Trump’s Walls, wars, shootings in the United States and advice for millennials etc.

Last year Kreskin stated, “I think a very, very important change in government will take place in the next six or seven years that will involve two young men…I’m not saying that gals are not going to be involved as well.” Considering that Donald Trump recently won the presidential election instead of the woman candidate, Hillary Clinton…I think it’s safe to say Kreskin is on the right track. Visit the Fundraiser at North Caldwell Fireman’s Community Center on February 12, 2017 to see what is on Kreskin’s Mind next.


The event will kick off at 2:00 pm at North Caldwell Fireman’s Community Center on 151 Gould Avenue, North Caldwell, NJ 07006. For $25 per ticket you can relax and enjoy a night full of laughter while giving back to the community.  To purchase tickets for a great cause please visit:

If you are interested in an interview with The Amazing Kreskin please contact:

Super Power Music Partnership: Richie Hosein, Wyclef Jean and The Rise of The Janes Life


New York, NY- The latest most talked about strategic partnership is Heads Music joining forces with Artist Factory. Their partnership will work to develop new artists and build a new music platform. The music industry has been buzzing around the concept and all of the potential it has to take their brand to the next level. This is the first collaboration to feature Wyclef Jean as well as super girl group The Janes Life.


Heads Music, label home of International superstar, Wyclef Jean, closed the loop on a partnership that blends the music industry experience of Heads Music with the business knowledge and marketing prowess of Richie Hosein. Hosein is a CEO of Exit Partners LLC and Co-Founder of premier music & nightlife venue, A.M. Southampton and Artist Factory NY. Hosein will be filling the role as Vice President of Business Development for Heads Music.

Richie stated, “Taking on the role as Vice President of Business Development I am not only looking to innovate but transform the music industry. This collaboration is bringing a team of music industry experts and I’m excited to be a part of the future. One of my passion projects is The Janes Life and collaborating with a musical genius such as Wyclef Jean, is inspiring and epic, I’m looking forward to it.”


Recently on The Janes Life Facebook page, they released their own original song, “Love Me Til I’m Me Again” which has over 145,000 views. The song’s message of love and loyalty strikes a chord with listeners. The five part harmony and strength of The Janes voices have potential to become a Top 40 hit. The Janes ( Jaime, Kelly, Llyra, Tayla, & Bella) will be making their runway debut during New York Fashion Week this year.

Michael Len Williams aka, “Mike WiLL Made-it” record producer, rapper, and songwriter responsible for producing hits like Juicy J’s “Bandz Will Make Her Dance”, Rihanna’s “Pour It Up”, Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” and Queen Bey’s “Formation” (just to name a few) will be working with The Janes on a new single.      

“This is a unique collaboration between two world class brands,” says Madeline Nelson, founder and CEO of HEADS, whose Music division recently released a collaboration with Wyclef. More is to come in 2017 from this powerful strategic partnership.

To follow The Janes Life on their adventure check out

thejanescrossmanpictures2016Photograph By Crossman Pictures.

The Janes is a lifestyle! Each member of The Janes rock their own individual style and their own sound. It is amazing to hear their unique voices together. You can follow their Instagram @TheJanesLife to check out their music and stylish contributions.




dining_social_food (1)

Peddler’s Village is a country style shopping destination tucked away in Bucks County. It has beautiful boutiques with country hearth style and fashion boutiques that can compete with high fashion found in NYC. For an adventurous all American gastronomic experience, you must visit Earl’s New American Restaurant. Every table in the restaurant appeases the eye with it’s rustic romantic — contemporary appearance. Coming through the front entrance there are gorgeous Peddler’s Village’s very own Greenology decor on the wall.

dining_social_food (4)

It has a modern farmhouse feel with placements of nautical colors. The restaurant boasts repurposed wood and several decor from local shops, boutiques and regional farms.  

dining_social_food (3)

A gorgeous pre-revolutionary map of the Bucks County region and modern lighting on every table. It keeps your multiple visits interesting. 

The menu contains American cuisine favorites with a little fusion. Social on the Scene got to experience it for themselves.

dining_social_food (1)

Lobster Dumplings, with Maine lobster, shaved carrot slaw and sweet soy.

dining_social_food (2)

White Chocolate Pot de Crème, with blueberries and whipped cream   

Chef Bill Murphy’s newest menu is a multi-cultural fusion of your everyday American meals with a spin. Very American– a melting pot of flavors, creativity and pairings. His menu includes locally grown, high quality ingredients with gorgeous accents on each dish. The presentation is gorgeous and unique providing an experience. The menu has something for everyone. Even the drinks on the menu can enhance a dish. One does not need to consume alcohol to enjoy some delicious liquid aphrodisiacs.  There are virgin concoctions on the menu that pair decadently with your meals. Enjoy the pilgrimage to this gastronomic escape.

Upcoming Events at Earl’s New American Restaurant


Guarachi Wine Portfolio Wine Dinner

August 18th 2016

Achaval Ferrer Wine Dinner

September 22nd 2016

Earl’s New American Restaurant

Located in Peddler’s Village

2400 Street Rd.

New Hope, PA 18938

Phone: 215-794-4020


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Skincare is the most important component of your daily routine, but let’s be honest, some of us are too busy to put the time and effort. It is hard to invest time into preventative care and this is because the focus has been on finding a plastic surgeon to tweak when it is a little late. Sure, with today’s botox, fillers and several advanced procedures you can inform your surgeon what it is that you want. Many surgeons can care less if you look expressionless for months. The units they can bill you for is what peaks their interest. At this exclusive med spa, less is more. The most innovative approach is found in a quaint and luxurious escape in the West Village called Sub Rosa Concierge Aesthetics. The logo is a gilded skeleton key evoking this feeling of a secret society. The privacy and eloquence of the location is set with tranquil music, luxurious candles and the feeling of being at home. There Dr. Sonita Sadio’s motto is, “Sometimes you need a plastic surgeon… to help you avoid plastic surgery.” Dr. Sonita Sadio is a Manhattan plastic surgeon dedicated to helping men and women take care of their skin with very minor enhancements and preventative skin care. She is all about making sure your skin routine is on point to prevent unnecessary procedures.


Dr. Sonita Sadio founded the membership-based boutique practice in the West Village. Once a member, you are provided with everything you need to stay ahead of the aging process. “I believe less is more. Start early. Do less, but do it regularly.  That’s how you win the aging war. The way we understand skincare is do something when you see it is there. I have a more French-European approach to skincare. In France, they are taught to take very good care of their skin. It is a discipline. This prevents aging. You know all those gorgeous celebrities? The ones who are ‘aging graciously?’ This is how they do it.”


At Sub Rosa, Dr. Sadio’s degrees are across the wall. Hailing from Yale College, Med School at Georgetown, surgery at Harvard and plastic surgery training at the Mayo Clinic. She did advanced training in Aesthetics at the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary. She has spent time overseas doing amazing work for children born with cleft palates. After all of this education and specialization she has created an innovative approach to provide the best skin care and complimenting procedures.


I joined Dr. Sonita Sadio for a session. Prior to the appointment, I emailed her my skin routine and a picture of me looking my best. She also takes pictures of her clients to provide details on the gradual changes her clients experience. Right away, Dr. Sonita Sadio was able to explain what the ingredients in my skin routine do. She even provided me with great brands that carry SPF and blends well with my foundation. She informed me that she is in the process of creating her own customizable skincare line to provide her clients with the perfect skincare regimen. She provided me with excellent advice that I have been following and have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin. My makeup routine is less as a result of the new regimen.


Sub Rosa memberships are a valuable necessity for women looking to prevent the aging process. It is an anti-aging strategy for life. It enables you to receive procedures throughout the membership term instead of making large payments where you are likely to compromise the continuity needed to have beautiful results. “It enables you to get all the work done gradually and substitute some unnecessary procedures with a regimen tailored to your skin goals.”

Dr. Sonita Sadio has weekly videos providing her followers with very important information.

In case you were wondering what causes RBF, Dr. Sadio breaks it down.


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I Married The Guy Who Ghosted Me For Three Straight Years

APRIL 21, 2016
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Twenty20, livcollins
Twenty20, livcollins

While I was in college I worked for a financial institution. There were very few Millennials where we worked. I did however notice this very handsome guy from the other side of the building. My friends and I composed a list “The Hot Men of the 6000 Building.” This gorgeous guy was #1 on our list.

He had dark blonde hair and these amazing blue eyes. He was very tall—just gorgeous. My friends and I wanted to know who he was. But before I got the opportunity to meet him, the financial institution began laying people off. They had people doing my job in another state due to a merger so I knew I was dispensable. Sure enough, I lost my job.

The very next day, my friend Andrea invited me to a Halloween party and I could not say no. After all, I needed cheering up. I dressed up in a ‘Rasta Imposta’ sailor costume. I knew I looked hot in the form fitting costume and red thigh highs. We entered a very big old Victorian house set on a few acres. There were cookie jars on shelves on every wall. It was a very impressive collection.

I decided to have a few drinks since I had a designated driver that evening. I felt very happy and social. I felt relieved. The merger caused me unnecessary stress and I convinced myself being laid off was a blessing in disguise. I made my way past the staircase and I saw the gorgeous guy from the financial institution about to go up the staircase. I smiled and acted fast.

“Hey, I know you from somewhere?” I said loudly and he turned around and stepped down.

“You look very familiar,” he replied with his brows furrowed in deep thought.

“Are you friends with Andrea M_____?” I asked (even though I knew exactly where I knew him from.)

“No, but you look really familiar,” he replied clearly checking me out.

Once he said that, I knew I had the upper hand. “Do you go to Rutgers?”

“No, do you?”

“Yes, I go there. Wait, do you work at ____ Financial?”

“Yes! I do, I just transitioned to the online department.”

“They just laid off a large number of us yesterday,” I said.

“It’s all because of the merger.”

“I know. At least I now have a chance to be a college student without a full-time job.”

“Cheers to that,” He replied.

We hit it off. Everyone could see the instant chemistry we had, even his awful ex. You know that saying, You don’t know what you have until it’s gone, or They only want you when you’re wanted…that is exactly what happened.

My Soulmate is absolutely gorgeous, but he is a nerd. The beauty of it is that I was too and we had many similarities. I met back up with Andrea and her significant other, who was our designated driver.

Andrea looks at me and says, “It looks like you hit it off with that guy. Do you know him?”

“That’s the guy everyone our age in our building thought was drop dead gorgeous and had no idea who he was. Thank God I got laid off because I definitely want to date him,” I said drunkenly.

“Did you get his number?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, he gave it to me before I could ask.” I could feel my cheeks were super flushed and I was absolutely happy.

The next day I received a text from my Soulmate to grab a drink with him at PJ Whelihan’s. I was so excited. I made sure my blonde hair looked full and did my makeup better than the night he saw me. I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and I was eager to upgrade to Soulmate.

We talked about everything. We easily spent 3 hours talking about our lives. We were fascinated by each other’s accomplishments. I did notice he kept receiving text messages. He was honest and told me it was his ex. They were still good friends because just like myself, he had dated her since high school. My ex, who I had broken up with three weeks before my layoff and I had dated since I was 16 years old. I was understanding about the situation and respected him for not having a bad dramatic break up because it showed his maturity. I also did not want to be the jealous girlfriend. We were ready to call it a night and we got lost in each other’s gaze and we kissed.

My heart felt like it was skipping beats, I was so thrilled with everything that happened. I called Andrea to tell her all of the details. I also told her how his ex kept texting him the entire time.

“Yeah, that’s shady,” She said in a concerned voice.

“I know, but if something was really going on, he would likely hide it from me. Plus, we just started dating I don’t want to be the ‘jealous type.’ If he keeps doing it, I will make sure other guys text me to see how he likes it,” I said with a smirk on my face knowing how easy that would be.

We both laughed. The next day, I went to my classes happily and well rested. It was a while since I could get decent sleep and go to class energized. When I worked full-time or overtime I would feel drained attending my classes full-time. This layoff was a blessing in disguise. I felt from the lack of sleep I was getting was developing into a mild form of anxiety and making me delirious throughout the day. It was nice to feel normal again.

After class, I looked at my phone and saw my Soulmate texted me. I went to the library to finish my essay and realized I got all of it done over the weekend. I proofread my work and printed it so I could bring it to class the next morning. I asked my Soulmate what he was doing later and he asked me if I wanted to come watch the World Series at Cherrywood.

Our favorite team was losing and his ex kept blowing up his phone. This time I wanted to just lose my cool and call him out on it, but he put his phone on silent and gave me his attention. The game became depressing so he invited me over his house. He still lived with his parents. I was so nervous, but they were the nicest people I ever met. They were going to bed early and asked us to stay because it was snowing. I had no idea what they meant by it, but it was so early in the relationship for me to accept I said I lived nearby. The snow that evening was light.

So we went downstairs to his floor. We were talking for a while and he gazed at me again. We began kissing. It was the most intense kiss I ever had. He tickled the nape of my neck and began kissing it. I took his shirt off just to look at his six-pack. His gorgeous dirty blonde hair and his intense blue eyes lured me into his bedroom. He was so slick, he put on a CD of very seductive alternative rock and I knew I was in love.

I didn’t stay. I went home. My heart was racing. I could not wait to see him again; however, my schoolwork came first. I had to begin putting together my materials for my finals. I was so obsessed with my Soulmate, I would freak out when I did not hear from him. I got a call from his guy friend. The one he introduced me to. He told me he went out with his brother, my Soulmate and his ex was there and she was throwing herself at him. This made me mad because he lied to me about his whereabouts. He could have simply told me he went out with them instead of lying.

I felt something was wrong because I did not give him the impression that he could not be honest with me. I was hurt. I invited him over my apartment on campus. We talked for a while and the same thing happened again. His ex was blowing up his phone.

The culmination of events that occurred finally made me flip out.

“Look, if she is blowing up your phone every time we hang out, she still likes you. You keep answering her, so it’s mutual. You can go back to her. I understand. She has been with you for a very long time. I do value our friendship. We can talk about anything and it’s wonderful, but I think you should go back to her,” I said.

He looked at me confused and said nothing. He grabbed his belongings and left my apartment. I text his cell and apologized.

He replied, “It’s ok.”

He gave me the silent treatment for three years. Now, we live together and are married. TC mark Published on




Every Gotham Doll knows the best lashes in town are found at Fracassi. Last year they were featured in the fashion week beauty hub. Fracassi’s aestheticians work hard to perfect and customize each procedure. The application process is painless and completely comfortable. Most experience discomfort with faux lash applications, but they know exactly how to apply them to make them look and feel like your own. They also have their own makeup line and a portfolio to boot. You can see amazing before and afters of this procedure.


They have 3 locations, one located in Buffalo, Rochester and Harlem. Their lash line is the talk of Tinseltown ever since they were invited to gift their lashes for the 2014 Oscar Gifting. All the whispers in town talk about Beyonce’s dance crew, Grammy Winner Roberta Flack, The Williams Sisters and Renee from Mob Wives (just to name a few) dropping by to get their lashes done at Fracassi.


“Fracassi Lashes is looking to franchise the experience. We are currently in talks with investors to be the next Dry Bar of lashes,” Said Falicia the CEO and Founder of Fracassi. Very soon, you can enjoy the experience near you.


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Metropolis Spa & Salon is one of the most sought after salons in the country. All hairdressers and salon aestheticians know the name and aspire to reach their standards. Famous clients walk in and out of this salon on the regular. It is often a bragging point at a dinner party to let your friends know you got your hair done at Metropolis, because they will always ask.

As a 27 year old lady, I have had my share of facials. Metropolis Spa & Salon located  in Princeton, NJ has the most innovative non-invasive facial a spa can offer. Their new AquaDerm Treatment Facial is everything an aesthetician would want. The combination of TRI Technology (Aqua Dermabrasion + Chromotherapy Infusion + NANO-Diamond) and along with top of the line Skinceuticals Prevent and Protect line, the results are beautiful.

The AquaDerm Treatment Facial combines the anti-aging properties of an non-invasive dermabrasion, Red-light therapy and hydration therapy. The suction coming from the nozzle exfoliates and removes impurities and dead skin while using infrared light. The infrared light promotes healing reducing redness. It also evens out the complexion.


Prior to getting my facial, my sun-kissed face had lots of sun damage. An uneven complexion and a little dryness from the winter. 

Normally, after a facial your skin glistens, but you can still see sun damage and other more difficult blemishes. After getting an AquaDerm facial there is a dramatic difference. It is amazing how the skin rapidly heals after the AquaDerm suction pulses. When your skin undergoes suction pulses it takes a long time to heal, but due to the stimuli of this procedure, it promotes healing. After other facials, my sunspots are usually so visible they are mistaken for freckles. After this procedure, my skin is clear. My complexion is even, minus the redness on my cheeks that faded away about two hours later. My skin looks vibrant and healthy. I did not wear any makeup after this session. The goal is to have the skin absorb all of the benefits. I continued to hydrate and used Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore to moisturize. Triple Lipid Restore $125, available at Metropolis Spa Salon.

Metropolis Spa Salon lives up to it’s name. Two weeks after this procedure, my skin looks flawless. I give this procedure a Five Star Rating. Check AquaDerm out for yourself! The only places they offer AquaDerm locally are Bergdorf Goodman and Metro Spa & Salon


Metropolis Spa & Salon

301 N Harrison St, Princeton, NJ 08540



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Cristina Ruales has come a very long way from her freshmen show. From venue changes to competing with all the greats, this year it is all about versatility. Do you really see yourself wearing what you see on the runway? Couture and innovative cuts are beginning to emerge into the day-to-day attire.  Cristina Ruales’ show turned heads drawing in fashionistas looking for just the right avant-garde edge to everyday wear. “The collection is taking something from the office down a notch to casual or up a notch to a night out in the town. It is all in how you wear it. The focus is on creating artistic pieces that are flattering on any body.” Said Cristina who revealed that her vision is coming to life.


This collection draws a more varied, yet exquisite clientele who live their lives where their fashion must be a muse for their juxtaposed lifestyle. I interviewed Cristina at her very own Fashion Week after party held at the very exclusive members only club, Parlour.

Jocelyn: Every designer has some rules they abide by. What are yours?

Cristina Ruales: The rules that I began with that have stayed in place that will evolve brand identities are, 1. Architecture Versus Nature 2. Man-made fibers are innovative and can be created to serve any purpose or for technical reasons. (This means if you needs a more stiff fabric that falls nicely you can develop it.) 3. Advanced innovative pieces- something no one has done before.

Jocelyn: What are some of your goals with this year’s line?

Cristina Ruales: My goal is to grow the line. I am slowly trying to build the blocks to bring the clientele that are looking to take their wardrobe to the next level.

Jocelyn: What do you consider a huge asset about your collection?

Cristina Ruales: I wanted to bring the basics back to wardrobe building and found that it needed to have versatility. We have the cocktail party pieces that transform into an office look by sporting a blazer which gives it a more muted look. It is all in the way you accessorize. Many of my clients live a duality, my collection is made for that.

Jocelyn: Your designs have a very unique look from the patterns to the way the architecture of the pieces are finished. Where did this inspiration come from?

Cristina Ruales: I studied at Parsons and was influenced by Japanese cuts. I was born in Ecuador and have developed a palette from my experiences. As much as I wanted to incorporate these patterns from my imagination, it wasn’t really affordable to do much other than create new fabrics. Epson made my vision happen. I was selected to represent the US in their Epson Digital Couture Event. I was ecstatic to have been chosen!

I was able to add prints such as brush strokes, which were sophisticated and simple. I was able to bring a bunch of color in collaboration with Patrick Jacobs.

Our collection has been placed into Showroom 7, our Knitwear and some of our architecturally complicated designs and statement pieces are at Neiman Marcus.

Jocelyn: Your show was a blast. The music was compatible with the visual delivery. You are a designer to watch. Congratulations on an amazing show!



Models sporting Cristina Ruales on the Epson Digital Couture Fashion presentation during New York Fashion Week Women’s Fall/Winter 2016 on February 9, 2016 in New York City.